An agent we’ll call Atlas was looking for a new website that he could keep for a long time without worrying about it becoming obsolete. He wanted something he could move it to another server, if necessary. It had to be inexpensive and still be able to grow with his business. The most important feature was a self-serve content management system so he could do updates on his own.

His customer service representative recommended a WordPress website and one of the default themes that are included free. The set-up process was easy with only five pages: About, Contact, Buyers, Sellers, and Listings. He worked with his representative on the phone and they built the site together in real time. The result was a friendly and easy-to-use portal for his customers.

Atlas did the SEO himself with a little training and added some plugins, such as Hubspot, to manage his leads. He was surprised to discover that the plug-in library had such a massive selection of free add-ons to make his website look and work just they way he wanted. Atlas is thrilled with the results and now considers himself a full fledged webmaster.