Did you know that in mature VOW markets, more than 50% of all transactions can be attributed to registered VOW consumers?

VOWs and virtual office websites provide remote access to professional services

Virtual office websites work like this . . .


VOWs invite pro-active consumers to register with a promise of more listing data and sales histories


The registration process requires verified contact information so your website visitors become real clients


Resulting in a legal agency relationship, a proven path to more business, and greater satisfaction

Agent iFrame® VOW mapped listings software works with any website

Agent iFrame® VOW delivers a rewarding property search experience for clients and sticky lead capture for agents. Consumers will readily submit their contact information to see detailed property information,  sales histories, and cooperating agent commissions. It appeals to consumers who enjoy discovering and exploring the real estate market, perhaps for the first time.

Agent iFrame® VOW promotes experimentation and creativity in a learning environment. The search tool is fun and invites your clients to play with keywords for treasure hunting, value prospecting, and what-if scenarios. The listings database is updated several times per day, motivating clients to visit your site often to see price changes, new listings, and more.

Ontario virtual office websites (VOW)
  • Attracts market-savvy buyers and sellers who want to self-serve

  • Encourages greater client/agent interconnectedness with instant-on access

  • Earn client loyalty through transparency and a sense of teamwork

  • Strengthens your business plan for buyer agency by scaling customer service

  • Clients can act faster and with greater confidence in their decisions

  • Sellers can monitor sold prices in their neighbourhood in real time

Automated sign-up with instant access for SMS-enabled accounts

More property information compared to IDX and DDF websites

Sales history, off-market data, and listing agent’s commission

Potentially verified agency relationship with full contact information of client

Works as a self-service comparative market analysis tool

All the features of Agent iFrame® Map Plus with Ontario VOW listings

  • Virtual office websites encourage a sense of self-directedness in buyers and sellers

  • They are a rich resource for experiential learning that tests readiness to buy or sell

  • Consumers like the immediacy of the application to solve problems

  • Clients may feel safer and more supported when they can explore independently

  • The transparent data format teaches an understanding of how the real estate market works

  • There is a a very strong desire for the consumer to participate in VOWs

  • An invitation to join a VOW is a great way to begin a potential agency relationship

  • Buyers and sellers can watch market trends and make better decisions

  • A confident, informed consumer is more likely to enter an agency relationship

  • Sellers are more likely to price their home realistically no matter what the current market

  • VOWs are one of the most powerful competitive advantages available

Ask your broker to sponsor a shared VOW data feed that your whole office can use