No email at

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Are you having difficulty receiving email from a customer or a supplier at your Outlook email account? Sometimes the IP address of a server that sends mail is blocked by Outlook temporarily. If email doesn't resume again, you might try unblocking the sending IP by visiting The Microsoft office

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How do I add an iFrame to Point2Agent?

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Point2Agent allows you to create embedded content very easily by using their iframe funtion in the webpage editor. Point2Agent has kindly provided these instructions for their users: Call our office toll-free at 877-556-4233 if you need any assistance.

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Agent iFrame Reseller Program

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We're pleased to announce that website designers and Facebook developers may now resell the best DDF® listing plug-in available. Are you looking for a way to increase your overall sales? Want a high quality listing module to upwell to your clients? Agent iFrame offers agents the best value in the

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