Samples and videos on how to use Agent iFrame®

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Here are some examples of Agent iFrame® in use today:

Video introduction to Agent iFrame®

How to use Agent iFrame® from TRES Labs on Vimeo

Marketing ideas for Agent iFrame®

Here are a few ideas for using Agent iFrame® that you may like:

  • Advertise your speciality and show only condos, waterfront, etc.
  • Add listings to social media. Visitors can surf listings right in the social media page without being redirected to another site.
  • Create a niche website for your farm area. Register and show listings just for that neighbourhood or development on their own website. Send mailers into your farm area letting people know you’re the local expert and committed to servicing their neighbourhood better than anyone else.
  • Create a referral network. Advertise listings from multiple boards in wide areas and refer inquiries to agents in other towns.
  • Help people in your cottage area buy and sell properties even if that isn’t your home board.

What is the DDF®?

CREA created the Data Distribution Facility (DDF®) to enable Canadian REALTORS® to share and distribute listings on your website with the assurance that all listing data is up-to-date with the latest descriptions, photos, virtual tours and other multimedia.

REALTORS® can create data feeds based on their personal business. Choose from a variety of types and areas and market directly to their niche market.

As a REALTOR® listings are one of your most valuable assets. The more listings you display on your website the more opportunities your have to raise your profile, increase your web traffic and build your brand. The Data Distribution Facility from The Canadian Real Estate Association makes all of that possible.

For more information on how to set-up your data feed for Agent iFrame, contact CREA Member Support toll-free at 1-888-237-7945.