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C.A.R.E. About Your A.I. Work

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Navigating the digital frontier with cutting-edge tools like AI requires not just expertise, but a compass of integrity and purpose. At TRES Labs and, we understand the power of technology to transform and enhance our professional landscape. That's why, as we delve into the principles of responsible AI

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Smart Home Tech Safety

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Technology has made our lives easier, safer, and more comfortable. Smart homes today integrate many types of devices that connect to the Internet and nformation from them is available on our phones when we’re away from home. They let us monitor what is going on when we’re not there.

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Troubleshooting WP Forms SMTP and Gsuite Authorization

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If you're like most agents, you have probably chosen to use Outlook or GSuite for hosted email. It makes sense because the benefits of permanently archived mail, advanced security, and high delivery rates compensate for the small monthly cost of the service. There are other benefits, too, like online

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Office 365 tries to connect with local server [RESOLVED]

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Recently our firm migrated a local 2010 Exchange server to Office 365 for a client. Sadly, the newly created accounts for Outlook 365 kept connecting to the local server, a machine that was not yet ready for decommissioning. We could see this in Outlook>File>Info>Server connection. It always showed exchange.local.server (your

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