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What is the DDF® or Data Distribution Facility?

The Data Distribution Facility is a system that was developed by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) that allows agents to have fully automated listings on their websites. It also allows them to show listings from other brokerages who have opted into the National Listing Pool. Benefits to your business? Visitors can see listings from across Canada on your site, regardless of brokerage, which makes them more likely to return. (Brokers must opt-in to DDF® to participate.) You receive the inquiries that originate from the listings. And that means more business.


Use your existing site, host anywhere

Have a website you love? Agent iFrame® is the perfect solution because it works with any website, anywhere. Paste Agent iFrame® into Wix.com, Point2Agent, social media and many other types of websites.

Data Distribution Facility for WordPress websites

Or get a free WordPress site

Choose one of our stock templates or something from themeforest.net, a giant catalogue of WordPress themes. Like everything in WordPress, designs can be changed easily with just a few clicks so your site is always fresh.

Data Distribution Facility with pre-written content

With pre-written content

Customers tell us that pre-written content is a winner. We provide stock pages for buyers, sellers, and blog articles, all at no extra charge. Of course, you can customize any content on your new site.

Data Distribution Facility reciprocity for realtors

No Listings? No problem!

Today’s agents don’t need to have a big listing portfolio to make a good impression. The Data Distribution Facility (DDF®) from CREA allows you to show listings from any or all areas across Canada.

Data Distribution Facility for niche websites

The DDF® works like magic

With listings from REALTOR.ca available for your personal website, you’ll have something for everyone who visits your website. It’s the ace your business needs to grow.

Data Distribution Facility for a referral network

Bringing you leads 24/7/365

You receive all inquiries from DDF® listings, which can generate a tremendous amount of business. Expand your reach and build the referral business you’ve always dreamed of. We can show you how.

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Okay! Let's go!
Okay! Let's go!