An agent we’ll call June loved using WordPress. She needed a real estate plug-in that was easy to use and supported search engine optimization, her ultimate goal. After researching and testing a few plug-ins, she discovered Agent iFrame®, Canada’s most affordable, most flexible mapped listing software. Her personal success manager asked if she would like some training on search engine optimization.

He set-up the initial pages with well-planned WordPress SEO strategy, and then they began training so that June could do all her new pages and posts independently. She appreciated the quick start-up process and the agile support. In her spare time, she added content and key phrases to increase search engine visibility. It was super simple.

The search engines noticed and within a few weeks her pages were showing in the top ten for the key phrases she chose. The new page content generated much more organic traffic than she had before. She is pleased with the results and is using Agent iFrame® to create even more new pages in response to her market.