An agent we’ll call Raj was a new licensee in a large Canadian city. He wanted to create a farm area to focus his marketing expenses and make a name for himself in a certain area. He had a basic website with his national brokerage but wanted something more suitable for his ambition to become a neighbourhood expert. He had read somewhere that a neighbourhood of 4000 people would provide a good income for an agent.

He began by choosing his farm area: a condo development with several towers in a cluster near the lake. It was a semi-affluent area with lots of young professionals moving in and out of the area. Then he chose a URL that was suitable for the neighbourhood so people would recognize it by name on the search engines. He used Agent iFrame® to show only listings in those particular buildings. By doing this, he was able to attract buyers who really wanted to live in that development.

Sellers were attracted to his website that introduced him as the only sales representative dedicated to their unique area. He volunteered on the condo councils as a special consultant and became a household name. Sellers appreciated his letterbox campaign announcing new sales. Buyers were able to find his site easily with a simple keyword search and view all the available homes in the development. Raj is happy with the results of his clever positioning strategy and so are his customers!