A couple that we’ll call Team Akpabio wanted to show listings that were specifically suited to the needs of their clientele. Many of them were interested in buying homes with in-law suites. Their clients were mostly first-time buyers who wanted extra income to help with the mortgage.

They configured Agent iFrame® to show the most popular types and price ranges to suit their business. With some experimentation, they discovered that it could be configured to show other types of homes. They liked the flexibility and the ability to create niche pages to show just what people were looking for.

By matching popular keyword searches, and showing listings on separate pages of their site, they were able to attract buyers to their website. The result was a increase in organic traffic that typically has a much higher ROI than pay-per-click for the real estate business. Team Akpabio is thrilled with the results and are already looking forward to their next digital marketing project.