If you’re like most agents, you have probably chosen to use Outlook or GSuite for hosted email. It makes sense because the benefits of permanently archived mail, advanced security, and high delivery rates compensate for the small monthly cost of the service. There are other benefits, too, like online storage so you have your files everywhere you go. Let us know if you would like to move your email and computer files to the next level of security and safety with an Outlook or GSuite account.

If your webmaster is trying to install a mail delivery client such as WP Forms SMTP and receiving a 400, 403, or 404 error, you might ask them to try these steps to resolve the problem:

  1. Create the GSuite mailbox that will be used in WordPress to send mail (DOH!) and configure a device to check it
  2. Read the instructions on setting up a GSuite account in this documentation: https://wpmailsmtp.com/docs/how-to-set-up-the-gmail-mailer-in-wp-mail-smtp/ to ensure that they are using the new OAuth method and not the old SMTP server method.
  3. Create an Auth Screen per the instructions
  4. Save the Client ID and Client Secret codes to the plug-in
  5. Turn off all other plug-ins except WP Forms SMTP
  6. Turn off ModSecurity in your Plesk control panel (or ask the website host to turn it off temporarily). ModSecurity interferes with the GSuite authorization  process within HTTPS. This is very important. Do not skip this step if you are unable to authorize after disabling the plug-ins.
  7. On the plug-in page, click the button “Allow plugin to send emails using your Google account”
  8. Activate the plug-ins again
  9. Restart ModSecurity again
  10. Done!

If you’re having difficulty with a third-party server and need some assistance, let us know. We offer a $100 rebate on annual website hosting for customers who would like to switch hosts and begin using WP Forms SMTP with GSuite authorization. USE COUPON CODE GSUITE-SMTP to receive the discount. A sales representative can assist with moving files and databases.