An agent we’ll call Hiroto loved to travel and often spent summers overseas learning new cultures. During his time away, Hiroto asked another agent in his office to look after his clients and answer inquiries about listings. The arrangement worked so well that he wondered if he could shift his focus to generating leads and passing them along to other agents. This strategy would allow him to travel even more and enjoy a reliable income.

Hiroto needed a website and listings solution that would work in his situation. His research revealed that Agent iFrame® has the highest delivery rate for form submissions in the industry. Email from the form is handled by a commercial-grade delivery system. It’s backed up with instantaneous SMS messaging to his phone, no matter where in the world he is. This let’s him follow-up with his referral network in Canada. It also includes all the listings in his province, for maximum referral potential.

He concentrated on increasing his search engine visibility which brought new traffic to the listings. It seemed there was a right way to do real estate marketing, after all. He has built a referral network that is second to none.