Do first-time buyers contact you with requests to show them ‘fixer-uppers’? Savvy buyers know this segment of the market has good values for anyone interested in investing some sweat equity. This group can also be high maintenance because they are looking for the right house to fix up, not their dream home (although a fixer can be both).

How does a busy REALTOR® provide a continuous stream of DIY listings to these hungry buyers? It’s one thing to say you’re the DIY listing specialist but it’s another to deliver high-quality, consistent listing content to your audience.

Agent iFrame® Map Search invites your niche clients to return to your site again and again to see the latest DIY (or other) listings in one convenient place. Market your site to flippers, first-time buyers, renovators, handy-people, and more. Direct them to your landing page so they can give you their contact information and build your mailing list.

To create new niche maps, simply use the advanced search form to filter out listings that match your niche market. Copy-paste the new map into it’s own iframe, menu item, button, or lead generation form to automate and protect the DIY content. It’s easy to do and takes just a few minutes.

Why don’t other REALTORS® have these types of niche landing pages? Their listings software may not support special content for landing pages or it may be too difficult to configure. Agent iFrame® is quick and easy and supports an almost unlimited number of filtered searches. Plus, you can create and use as many maps as you like at no extra cost.

Feature list for Agent iFrame®

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