Some WordPress websites will show the listings for a couple of views and then stop due to a bug in WordPress that causes it to insert extra characters in the listings code. The best solution is to use only the iframe codes, like the example below, instead of the optional <script> codes which resizes the page height automatically depending on the number of listings.


<script javascript content is here . . . </script>
<iframe id=”autoIframe” src=” width=”100%” height=”0″ style=”border:0px solid gray;overflow:hidden;” scrolling=”no”></iframe>

Paste only this instead. Note that the heigh attribute has been changed from “0” to “2500”.

<iframe id=”autoIframe” src=” width=”100%” height=”2500″ style=”border:0px solid gray;overflow:hidden;” scrolling=”no”></iframe>

You may need to adjust the “height” value to more than 2500 depending on your website. The ideal setting is found when you can see the disclaimer text at the bottom of the listing details pages, which are the pages that have the property description, etc. on them. If you cannot see the disclaimer then the “height” value might be too low. Be sure to check a few listings because some may have more images that require a longer page height.

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