Promote the highest value listing service today with the Agent iFrame sales partner program

Make money selling Agent iFrame, one of the highest-value real estate listing plug-ins available anywhere. High quality, reliable service, and listings loaded with features will keep your customers happy and ensure that you’re always in demand as a real estate webmaster or social media developer.

We are looking for partners to help us grow our Agent iFrame listing service. If you are:

  • looking for a plug-in listing module for your real estate agent clients
  • want an inexpensive listing solution that works with any website
  • a website designer or webmaster
  • a Facebook business page developer
  • working in the real estate industry or want to
  • a website host or reseller
  • looking for additional income
  • interested in working as a reseller of Agent iFrame

We offer an easy reward program for referrals, resellers, and value-added partners. Brokers are welcome to apply – turn your team on to syndicated listing marketing today.

What is the Agent iFrame sales partner program and how will I benefit?

Agent iFrame sales partners enjoy selling the easiest to use DDF® or Data Distribution Facility listing module available in Canada today. Your market is every Canadian real estate agent who is looking to cut costs, improve their listing syndication, and advertise their listings on social media, including blogs, Facebook and more. You can apply to receive:

  • Free marketing materials for your brokerage presentations
  • Free gift premiums for agents

Agent iFrame has the lowest cost of any DDF® plug-in available today. With the Agent iFrame sales partner program you can quickly and easily convert your existing client base to use the DDF® listings system while maintaining control of design, hosting, domain registration and all the services that you may provide already. The Agent iFrame sales partner program is an excellent opportunity to make money doing the things you love while offering the highest value product in the market today. Some of the benefits include:

  • A rewards program for referrals
  • Toll-free phone support for implementation
  • Phone tutorials on how the DDF® listings system works
  • Technical support for any questions you or your customer may have

Please contact us for more information.

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