A big thanks to REM magazine for their article on Agent iFrame in the November 2014 issue. We appreciate the mention and will continue to support this great resource for Canadian real estate professionals. Copied from REMonline.com.

See DDF® Database on Business or Social Sites

A new platform from TRES Labs enables Canadian real estate agents and brokers to advertise the full DDF listing database on their personal websites, blogs, online profiles, Facebook and other venues.

Agent iFrame lets agents paste the database into any third-party site to create a mini-syndication network of listings and profiles, the company says.

“No longer are buyers redirected to a commercialized website to browse listings. They can stay in the social and business venues they are familiar with and search the national database as a seamless experience,” says TRES Labs.

The platform costs $4.95 per month and has no set-up fee or other costs.

“A lot of agents like to do their own thing and we fully support that. We say ‘keep working with the one you like’ and use Agent iFrame to build your affordable listings network,” says the company.