The current regulations for archiving documents for sales stipulate that an agent and/or brokerage must retain the paperwork for a deal for at least seven years. As more transactions are done electronically, it becomes vital that an agent archive these files in such a way that they can be retrieved easily, if needed. An example is a dispute in which the client makes a claim and refers to “an email”. Unless the agent is able to produce all the threads to email conversations, it may be irrelevant who is right in a dispute.

By using a free, online email service like Hotmail/Outlook or Gmail agents are able to keep every single email archived, for an entire career if necessary. By choosing this system, agents also reduce the number of bounced or lost emails because the larger companies have better mail handling capabilities compared to a small ISP or telecommunications company that may have stricter spam rules or fewer resources to troubleshoot missing email.

All ISPs will allow their customers to forward mail from “” to another email. For many, this is an excellent solution that enables archival storage and the use of a personalized domain. Of course, you may wish to subscribe to Outlook or Google Mail to receive POP/SMTP services along with storage.