What is Agent iFrame®?

Are you look for an affordable, map search listings solution made in Canada? Agent iFrame® is a listings plugin with data drawn from CREA’s national database for use by REALTORS® and brokerages. Designed to work with any website, our real estate plug-in is fully featured yet simple enough that anyone can set-up and install it within minutes.

Agent iFrame® offers the most value of plug-in or listings service in Canada and it’s flexible enough for any marketing challange that you can think of. Request a demo today. Here are some ideas and samples on how to use Agent iFrame® in your practice.

  • Full featured map hunt

  • Transactional email and SMS contact forms

  • Listings Anywhere™ works with any website

  • Easy copy-paste installation of code

I have a website. What is the procedure?

Simply complete an order form and follow the instructions on the receipt. You’ll need a login code for realtorlink.ca to access the DDF® Dashboard. Not sure what to do? Call us and we will help you through the entire process, from data filter set-up to pasting the code into your website, at no charge.

I need a website. What are my options?

You have at least three options:

  1. Create a website yourself using one of the free services or commission a website from a local webmaster that you like. Agent iFrame® is designed to work with any site and we will give your webmaster full support and training.
  2. Sign-up for our free website program that includes listings. You receive a basic WordPress theme with some custom content for your business. There is no invoice, ever, just our standard hosting fee when you commit to a two year term.
  3. Let us make a custom site for you; using one of the most popular and well-supported themes on the market today. Based on WordPress, together we’ll create a new site that has all the functionality and refinement you expect in a professional realty site. Host anywhere or host with us to receive Agent iFrame Map Search Plus free of charge.

What’s next?

Still not sure what to do or how to compare Agent iFrame® with other listings plug-ins and services out there? Call us for a demo and we’ll explain the pros and cons of the different systems in plain English with full disclosure.

Choose your version of Agent iFrame®

I want a basic, no-hassle listings plug-in for an existing site

You’re looking for Agent iFrame® Basic, the lowest price DDF® listings solution of it’s kind in Canada. Use it to show Listings Anywhere™.

Pros: Fast, cheap, easy
Cons: Separate data filters for each type, simple column of photos and text with links to a listing details page.
Installation: Click, copy, paste. Done.
Sample: realestatelistings.ca
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I want a map-based listings plug-in with unlimited everything

You’re looking for Agent iFrame® Map Search, a new standard in real estate listings that merges a familiar interface with the ultimate in utility for Listings Anywhere™. 

Pros: Affordable, easy, fun to use
Cons: No agent photo or logo
Installation: Click, copy, paste. Done.
Samples of use-case: realtywebsites.ca/map-search-sample
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I want a map-based listings plug-in unlimited everything and my personal photo and company logo

You’re looking for Agent iFrame® Map Search Plus, all the features of Map Search PLUS your personal photo, cell number, and company logo on all listing details pages. Link directly to the feature pages for a brochure presentation.

Pros: Real estate listings just like you expect to see them, maximum flexibility in your marketing
Cons: None, a simple choice for marketing professionals
Installation: Click, copy, paste. Done.
Samples of use-case: realtywebsites.ca/map-search-sample
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