Agent iFrame® Map Search

Agent iFrame® Map Search


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Designed to be highly engaging for the visitor, Agent iFrame® has friendly user controls and a powerful search form. The advanced search fields make it fun and easy to treasure hunt. Clients will return again and again to indulge their curiosity and play with the search form. The full-featured listings details pages have all the information found on

The ultimate in mapped listings for Canadian Realtors®, Agent iFrame® is the only listing tool that works on any website. Simply copy-and-paste your maps to show Listings Anywhere™. Post links for individual properties to blogs, social media, and newsletters using the deep link feature. For lead generation, create landing pages that show to maps of specialty properties. We offer full support, from DDF® filter configuration to pasting codes into websites.

Choose Agent iFrame® Map Search Plus to have your personal photo and company logo appear on the listing details page.

Price shown is $19.95 per month, paid one year in advance, includes a non-refundable, one-time set-up fee of $59.95.




  • Features
    • Detailed map that shows locations of properties with toggle to grid view
    • Advanced search fields that allow highly filtered queries
    • Listing details page with full screen slideshow, property details, full contact information, contact form, mortgage calculator
    • Built-in text messaging and transactional email from listings [simple_tooltip content=’Transactional email is used by corporations when messages like password resets and receipts must have the highest possible delivery rate. Text messaging allows you to call prospects back immeditately.’]ⓘ[/simple_tooltip]
    • Includes an SMS-enabled generic contact form – use anywhere you can paste HTML [simple_tooltip content=’Replace forms on all your websites with this transactional email and text messaging form.’]ⓘ[/simple_tooltip]
    • Fully responsive for mobile and tablets, iPhone and Android
  • Installation
    • Copy-paste into as many different websites as you like [simple_tooltip content=’Automated listings in many different websites, social media, and community pages results in more leads and contacts compared to a single website.’]ⓘ[/simple_tooltip]
    • Works anywhere you can paste HTML code
    • No other configuration needed
    • No admin area or logins to manage
  • No additional fees, charges, or add-ons needed to make this work ‘out of the box’
  • Toll-free phone support for you and/or your webmaster: 1-877-556-4233


5 reviews for Agent iFrame® Map Search

  1. Barb Aitken

    I am very pleased with my website. The company is very pleasant to work with and their communication skills are excellent.
    Barbara Aitken

  2. Sandra Carswell

    Many thanks – I like it!
    Sandra Carswell

  3. Wendy Dupon

    Thank you for adding the map search on my website. Very helpful for anyone viewing listings on my site to pinpoint property location. Thanks again for introducing me to this new addition to improve and add value to my website.
    Wendy Dupon

  4. Vanessa Rocchio

    I am totally happy with my website and your hosting. From day one you have been extremely helpful!

    Vanessa Rocchio

  5. Louise Tarasiuk

    Thank you for your great support when I needed you. It was very much appreciated.

    Louise Tarasiuk

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