Cambridge Association of REALTORS® (CAR) VOW Listings

Cambridge Association of REALTORS® (CAR) VOW Listings


Rather than decide which consumers might become clients, why not make your life easier and let them all in? Agent iFrame® VOW solves the puzzle of how to screen prospects gently and nurture them effectively.

When a potential client contacts you, they are somewhere on a spectrum of readiness for home ownership. They want to learn about the real estate market in a way that is comfortable for them. You can make it easier, and more fun, by providing a VOW portal that they can explore on their own.

Price shown is per month.

Note: ITSO Systems charges a VOW access fee of $1500 per year to brokerages OR individual agents. The fee is payable directly to ITSO Systems through your board. Brokerages may share a single master account with their sales representatives to benefit from economies of scale. All inquiries go to the advertising agent, not the brokerage or the listing agent (if different).

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  • All the features of Agent iFrame® with enhanced data from the ITSO VOW database
  • Your photo and logo prominently displayed on all listing details pages
  • VOW listings for CAR (Cambridge Association of REALTORS®)
  • and other boards in the ITSO data feed
  • Detailed map that shows pin locations of active properties side-by-side with sold properties
  • Active, conditional/pending, sold with final price, and expired listings with agent commissions
  • Advanced search fields for treasure hunting, value prospecting, and what-if scenarios
  • Listing details page with full screen slideshow, property details, full contact information, contact form, mortgage calculator
  • Built-in text messaging and transactional email from listing inquiry forms [simple_tooltip content=’Transactional email is used extensively in e-commerce when messages like password resets and receipts must have the highest possible delivery rate. Text messaging allows you to approve VOW access and call prospects back immediately.’]ⓘ[/simple_tooltip]
  • Includes an SMS-enabled generic contact form – use anywhere you can paste HTML [simple_tooltip content=’Replace forms on all your websites to benefit from transactional email and text messaging.’]ⓘ[/simple_tooltip]
  • Exportable archive of contacts that can be imported into your CMS software
  • Fully responsive for mobile and tablets, iPhone and Android
  • Use Google Analytics to measure conversion of website visitors to actual clients – a milestone for real estate websites

Technical requirements

  • None. Agent iFrame® VOW works as a standalone map or can be embedded into any website [simple_tooltip content=’Your website must be able to accept HTML.’]ⓘ[/simple_tooltip]
  • Optional: Need a new website or want to update your existing site? Contact us today for a quote.


  • Sign up using the purchase button on this page
  • Initialize your account at ITSO (shared brokerage or individual)
  • Receive your map codes
  • Set filters and zoom to create an initial page load view
  • Copy-paste VOW maps or links into as many different websites as you like [simple_tooltip content=’Automated listings in many different sites, social media, and community pages will result in more subscribers compared to a single location.’]ⓘ[/simple_tooltip]
  • No other configuration is needed for it to work right away
  • No admin area, dashboard, or account logins to manage
  • Toll-free phone support for you and your webmaster: 1-877-556-4233

Data included in VOW

  • All listings (residential, multi-residential, land, agricultural, commercial) where the status equals:
    • Active
    • Conditional
    • Pending
    • Sold
    • Expired
    • Cancelled
    • Suspended
  • In addition to typical property information:
    • Two years of previous sold prices
      Two years of pending sold prices
    • Co-operating brokerage commission

Data not included in VOW

  • Conditional sale (CS & NS) details
  • Brokerage remarks
  • Showing requirements
  • Instructions
  • Contact information after expiry
  • Deposit
  • Mortgage information
  • Seller/tenant personal information
  • Lockbox information

What is the concept behind a virtual office website?

The MLS contains protected information that is available to consumers only when they enter into a bona fide agency relationship. A VOW gives the consumer self-serve access to enhanced data and selling prices. The benefit to agents is that registered users may be characterized as clients under contract. Agent iFrame® VOW enables agents to scale their customer service by automating the buyer agency process and provide a research framework for sellers.

Why is this type of consumer portal called a virtual office website?

In the early days of the Internet, a virtual office website was a password-protected space where customers could connect with a business online. They were used wherever a “virtual office” was helpful for sales and customer service, similar to password-protected “virtual stores,” such as Today, the term is used mostly in the real estate industry to describe a type of portal where consumers can access information that is only available through a real estate agent when they become a client.

Is Agent iFrame® VOW a website? I already have a website and don’t want another one.

Agent iFrame® VOW is not a separate website. It is a map portal that you can embed in your website or use as a standalone page. When it’s embedded, the VOW will look like part of your existing site. To share your VOW, send a potential client a link to your VOW page or directly to the mapped listings. Once there, they will be able to subscribe through a simple form that asks for contact information and a property wish list. You’ll receive an email and a text to approve the subscription. Simply respond to either one and your new client will get immediate access.



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