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Our in-house authors write the articles so you can be assured of high-quality articles written specifically for the Canadian real estate marketplace.

You can be assured that the content that appears on your site was researched and written by our firm and that we hold the copyright.

Licensed content refers to unique or original works that you have permission to use on your website.

Articles can be customized (we encourage it), have links embedded (including affiliate links), change or add photos, and much more.

Yes, all the articles include at least one professional photograph to make your blog stand out.

Taking photos from search engine results can lead to copyright issues. All photographs included have been licensed.

There are two ways that articles are posted to your site:

If you’re working with someone who is looking after your site, you may want to have that person schedule the articles.

Or, for a small labour charge, we will add them to your site. You just need to send us credentials for “Editor” permissions and we’ll do the rest.

Your subscription includes 26 articles, intended for release every two weeks for a whole year.

Articles will auto-post in context with the season so your blog will show spring time activities, summer home maintenance, autumn cheer, and winter projects.

WordPress websites have a function called ‘ping’ built into the software.

Each time you add or edit a page, WordPress sends the search engines a message to let them know there is new content on your site.

Regular blog articles can increase search engine visibility. It’s known as ‘content marketing’.

Each subscription is billed one year in advance. Labour charges to schedule the posts are calculated separately.

It takes an average of 2.5 to 3 hours to post all 26 articles. If you would like the text customized to refer to your local market, and have links added to local interests, it may take longer.

If you decide to post the articles yourself, there are no other charges.

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