This are the next steps to finish setting up your account . . .

  • Login to CREA’s website and choose the Data Distribution Facility (DDF®) control panel. 
  • Click DDF® Dashboard.
  • Choose “Edit/Create Data Feeds”.
  • In the list of third-party data providers, search “iframe” and click in the row that says “AgentiFrame by TRES Labs –”.
  • Create data filters based on your listings or filter board listings.
  • Save your feeds.
  • You’ll receive your codes in about one business day.
  • If at anytime you require assistance, please call us toll-free at 877-556-4233 and we will screenshare to set-up your account.
  • CREA’s helpdesk can also assist with set-up and troubleshooting. Their number is 1-800-842-2732.

Toll-free support: 1-877-556-4233, 9:00 to 6:00 PST, Monday to Friday.