Known issues

Problem: Not all office listings are showing in the map compared to MLS® software

Agent iFrame® calculates the number of listings in the right sidebar based on the zoom level and the default filter “residential”. Commercial listings are counted as a separate group.

  • Solution Part 1: Use the advanced filter icon to set the initial residential filter to “all.” Part 2: Use the advanced filter set to “commercial”. Add the commercial office listings to the residential listings to reconcile the total.
  • Solution: Some agents may have opted out of the DDF when entering their listings by broker-load. These will not show in the DDF database.
Problem: Account expiry notice when first placing codes

This is a result of corrupted copy-paste text.

  • Solution: Try converting the copy-paste text to “plain text”. Some word processors will add rich text quotes, etc. and the code won’t execute.
  • Solution: You may have forgotten to select a province in the DDF® Dashboard filters. Listings are available only for the province in which you are licensed to sell real property. Reset and wait 24-36 hours for data to update.
  • Solution: Contact our office for personal assistance to place codes.
Problem: Account expiry notice after one year

Your account was suspended for non-payment.

Problem: No SMS or email when testing form on listing details pages

This is usually caused by entering an email or phone number other than your own during the sign-up process.

Solution: Contact us to confirm your contact information is correct in the Agent iFrame® database so you can receive leads.