Marketing Ideas

Here are a few ideas for using Agent iFrame® to stimulate your creativity:

  • Create a niche website. Two websites are better than one – they result in 50% more inquiries. Agent iFrame® allows you to reuse the map codes as often as you like at no extra charge. Buy a URL to advertise your speciality, like Show only condos, waterfront, or a particular residential tower – the options are almost endless – and market yourself as the local expert.
  • Create a referral network. Advertise listings from multiple boards in wide areas and refer inquiries to agents in other towns.
  • Help people in your cottage area buy and sell properties even if that isn’t your home board.

Using the filter function

  • Create a landing page with a form that advertises sticky newletter invitations such as “View foreclosures” or “See all the handyman specials in your area”. Landing pages are limited only by your imagination.
  • Add a form to the landing page to collect information for mailing list. Link your form to Mailchimp or another lead capture service.

Deep links

  • Create deep links to the best properties on MLS®
  • Advertise them in your ad campaigns to generate leads
  • Post them to social media as a “staff pick”

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