Known issues

Problem: Not all listings for office are showing in map when compared to office website or MLS® software
  • Agent iFrame® calculates the number of listings with a default filter of ‘residential’ turned on. Commercial listings are counted as a separate group. Solution: turn off the residential filter and add the count to the number of commercial listings to reach the total number of office listings.
Problem: Account expiry notice when first placing codes
  • Solution: Try converting the copy-paste text to “plain text”. Some word processors will add rich text quotes, etc. and the code won’t execute.
  • Solution: You may have forgotten to select a province in the DDF® Dashboard filters. Listings are available only for the province in which you are licensed to sell real property. Reset and wait 24-36 hours for data to update.
Problem: Account expiry notice after one year
  • Your account was suspended for non-payment. Solution: Please contact our office at 877-556-4233 to update your credit card.