Map for Lead Generation

Step 1. Create a landing page

With Agent iFrame® Map Search, you can create customized searches for your niche audience for search engine farming. Set-up your forms to send leads to Mailchimp or a similar lead capture service and set the confirmation page to the map. To see how lead generation works, enter anything below and click submit!

  • Make your landing page sticky with valuable information like quick links to homes with suites and DIY specials
  • Use zoom and filters to create a map of your niche listings
  • Paste the resulting URL into the form’s redirect page
  • Optionally, use an SMS service to receive instant text messages from the form

Step 2. Create a lead capture form

This is a sample form. Complete the fields with sample data and click send to see the resulting map.

    Step 3. Contact your lead as soon as possible

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